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 Vacuum Furnaces
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 Atmosphere Furnaces

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High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces
High temperature vacuum furnaces with graphite heater
and vacuum furnaces with metallic heater for clean treatment

The furnaces can be used for vacuum atmosphere and inert gases(N2,Ar,He)atmosphere.
Vacuum atmosphere can be characterized as producing no oxidized materials
and uniform temperature. It is also possible to customize heat zone size
and add functions such as high temperature specs(MAX3000℃) and control of
hydrogen reduction.

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
Rapid heat-up/cool-down
High Temperature Vacuum/Hydrogen Furnace
Controlling hydrogen reduction
Multipurpose Controlled Atmosphere Furnace
Multipurpose and compact design

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace With Graphite Heater
MAX2500℃ with large work space
Ultra High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces With Graphite Heater
MAX3000℃ idealized for R&D activity
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