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Carriage Type
WFUD Series

Easy loading and unloading samples

・ Easy to load and unload samples
・ Accurate and uniform temperature control

・ Inert gases inlet ports
・ Automatic carriage moving function
・ Automatic cooling down system(with cooling fan)
・ Customized heat zone size

Carriage Type Outward Appearance


・ Semi-conductor, Chemistry
  Sintering of ceramics, new materials, and MIM/CIM
・ IT
  Sintering of quartz material, parts of optical fiber(made of zirconia), and others
・ Steel industry, and nonferrous metal industry
  Heat treatment of ceramics, new materials, and metals.
・ Glass and cement
  Melting of glass and new materials
・ Biotechnology;
  Sintering of bioceramics(artificial bone)

Model WFUD 60×60×60 WFUD 70×160×55
Heat Zone Size 600W×600L×600H 750W×1600L×550H
Temperature 1700℃(MAX)/1400℃(MAX)
Thermal Uniformity ±5℃
Atmosphere The air
Heater Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2)(MAX1700℃)
/Silicon Carbide(SiC)(MAX1400℃)
(size mm)

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